Machete wielding gang assault British cyclist Alexandar Richardson in Richmond Park

  Posted: 07.10.21 at 20:46 by Rory Poulter

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A Machete wielding gang have attacked British cyclist Alexandar Richardson in Richmond Park.

31-year-old Richardson was training in the park at 3PM today when he was rammed into by a motorbike going at 60kph carrying two men.

The cyclist was then carried a further 100 feet with his bike by a second motorcycle carrying two more men.

The attack took place 500 metres from the Colicci café near the East Sheen Roundabout and resulted in Richardson being threatened with a 15-inch machete and having his expensive bike stolen by the 4 attackers.

The incident has been reported to the police who are currently searching for the 4 men.

In an Instagram post about the incident Richardson said: “pretty shocking experience today in Richmond Park.

The aftermath of the attack. Credit: alexrichitaly.

“Was finishing training around 3pm when two motorbikes with 4 men and balaclavas started following me. I knew exactly they wanted to take me bike and started to think what the best thing I could do was.

“I turned around at east Sheen roundabout and started riding full speed to the café about 500 metres away. They simply rode one of the motorbikes into me at 60kph.

“I came off the bike and the first motor bike lost control. I held onto my bike however the second motor bike then dragged me and the bike along the floor for another 100 metres.

“After this they pulled out a 15-inch machete at which point, I thought better and let the bike go. I’m pretty cut up and bruised with a swollen hip but tomorrow is another day.

“Please be careful in the area and note this is becoming a common occurrence in parts of London. The police have taken their notes down as armed robbery and hopefully the criminals are found.

“Please raise awareness. At least I got most of the ride in even if no file to show for it! Once Again my wife Chiara was to the rescue!”

Alexandar Richardson is a stock-broker turned professional cyclist, his most famous victory is a solo win the 2018 Lincoln Grand Prix and he currently rides for Alpecin-Fenix.

This is not the first time motor based robbery has been attempted in Richmond in recent memory as in 2018 a group of robbers jumped from the backs of mopeds in Richmond streets in an attempt to steal from a petrified mother.

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