Victims of indecent exposure urged to come forward

  Posted: 11.10.21 at 09:34 by Rory Poulter

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Police in the borough have urged women and girls who are victims of indecent exposure to come forward.

The plea comes after officers received information on a large number of previously unreported cases following an appeal for help in relation to two specific allegations in the summer.

An arrest has been made in relation to those incidents, however Richmond Police are concerned that this sort of sexual offence is often not reported.

The police said that after issuing the original appeal: “We received numerous comments from women who shared their experiences as victims of indecent exposure. It was concerning to read these accounts and we believe this is an under-reported crime.”

They added: “We do not underestimate how difficult it can be for people to talk about sexual offences, but we would urge anyone who is the victim of this sort of offending to report it to us so that we can respond and offer support.

“If you have been a victim of indecent exposure, no matter how long ago, please report it to us so that we can offer support and build a picture of offending in the area.”

Credit: Metropolitan Police.

Victims are advised to call 999 immediately. Alternatively details can be reported by calling the 101 service or its ‘report a crime’ online service here.

Support independent from the police is available from Victim Support, a national charity dedicated to helping anyone affected by crime, via their website here.

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