West London Adult Sibling Support Group to launch virtually later this month, supporting those who have siblings with disabilities

  Posted: 02.03.21 at 10:33 by Dimitris Kouimtsidis

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THE West London Adult Sibling Support Group will be launching virtually this month, to help support adults who have siblings with disabilities.

Sibs is a nationwide charity that was set up in 2001 in response to demand from parents and professionals in the children’s sector for information on how to support siblings of disabled children.

In the past two decades, numerous support groups that are a part of Sibs have been created throughout the country.

Sarah-Jane Jones and Jack Ruane will be co-facilitating the first West London support group, open to anyone who lives in West London, starting later this month.

Jones told Nub News: “As we’re still in lockdown, the meetings will be help virtually, but when restrictions lift, we're going to try and find a venue somewhere easily accessible throughout West London.”

Dates have not been made available yet, but Jones said the group will run every four to eight weeks, with exact dates being confirmed once they’ve gauged the best time for people.

The group is only open to those who have siblings with disabilities

What are the criteria required for someone to join and is it open to everyone?

Jones said: “The group is open only to those who have grown up with a disabled brother or sister and they have a lifelong disability - no parents, partners, researchers or professionals are allowed.

This group is only open to adults aged over 18, but Sibs also have separate support groups for young siblings too.

Topics covered could be varied and will depend upon what people want to talk about but may include:

• Coping with the coronavirus pandemic restrictions
• Shielding
• Ideas for keeping in touch with your brother or sister
• Assessment process for adult social care
• Discussing future care and support with parent(s)
• Managing finances
• Advocating for your brother or sister
• Mental capacity issues
• Making complaints about service provision
• Managing your own health and wellbeing
• Dealing with challenging behaviour
• Sibling feelings - guilt, anger and worry are common

Any wide range of topics could be covered

If you wish to sign up for the West London group, click HERE.

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