Dozens of knives handed into Twickenham Police Station during amnesty

  Posted: 01.04.21 at 10:42 by Sam Petherick

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These are all the knives which were handed in by visitors to Twickenham Police Station.

A knife amnesty has been held over the past three months in the front counter station in London Road.

South Twickenham Police said: "Not how I'd normally lay the table but needs must in this case.

"These weapons have been removed from the knife amnesty bin at Twickenham Police Station.

"Much safer on our table than in a wrong pocket #binaknifesavealife."

Twitter users made light of the situation with some witty replies.

Nick Fulford said: "Any chance I could borrow the cleaver? Had to dehead a trout (gift from an angler neighbour) the other day and the wrong sort of knife meant I had to saw. Not nice."

Broadley-Photo said: "Didn’t even know there were samurai and Gurkhas living in Twickenham!"

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