Twickenham MP slams plans for new electoral boundaries which would split Whitton in two

  Posted: 08.06.21 at 21:02 by Ellie Brown

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Twickenham's MP Munira Wilson has responded to news of plans to redraw her constituency's electoral boundaries so that half of Whitton is placed in Brentford and Isleworth.

Wilson, who lives with her husband and young family in Whitton's Heathfield ward, condemned the proposed changes which were announced this morning by the Boundaries Commission for England.

She told Nub News: "I love and live in the area I represent. I do not want to lose any part of this fantastic constituency.

"These proposed changes from the Tories, which I voted against, force Whitton ward out of the Twickenham constituency despite its very close ties to Twickenham.

"It makes no sense to rip out Whitton just to reduce the number of constituents I currently represent and make the Government's arithmetic work.

"I consider myself a Whitton resident, although I live in Heathfield ward - this proposal splits my home town in two."

Twickenham's current boundaries (in purple/blue) and the proposed changes (in red) / Boundary Commission for England

She added: "Whilst most people are focused on recovery from the pandemic, the Government is playing politics with constituency boundaries.

"The arbitrary rules for constituency sizes given by the Conservatives to the Boundary Commission do not focus on what is best for local communities, the ties that bind them together and into a local area."

A consultation on the proposed changes has opened and can be filled in on the Commission's website .

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Plans to move the boundaries of Twickenham's parliamentary constituency so that Whitton is in Brentford and Isleworth have been announced (8 June)...