Rain rain go away... Twickenham's weekend weather forecast

  Posted: 04.06.21 at 20:28 by Jessica Broadbent

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If you sighed in frustration as you donned a raincoat and boots again today don't worry, the sun hasn't gone forever!

Saturday is the best day of the weekend, so if you're umming and ahing about which day to go for a stroll that seems your best bet.

Here's what the Met office is saying...

Saturday 5

Tomorrow morning we are expecting a dry morning with plenty of sunshine and a few patches of clouds.

The temperature is expected to rise steadily during the morning and reach 23 degrees between 4pm and 5pm.

You should be able to enjoy a Mr Whippy or two this weekend

Best news of all, the chance of rain remains below 5% ALL DAY.

Sunday 6

Sunday is expected to be cloudier than Saturday, but still fairly sunny in the morning.

It will be a bit cooler than Saturday, only reaching 22 degrees at around 4pm.

The chance of rain in the afternoon is around 10%, with a 30% chance at 10pm.

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