Twickenham COVID Stats: Latest on cases, deaths and hospitalisations

  Posted: 03.03.21 at 10:17 by Cameron Eyles

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COVID-19 case numbers vary across the Twickenham area.

This is according to the latest government data

First the good news - in St Margarets there are now less than three cases of COVID-19.

In effect this means the virus is almost non-existent in this area, however it could still spread from other areas.

The situation in Twickenham Town is also good with just five total cases.

This means the total cases have halved in the past week.

Twickenham North and West have also seen a reduction in case numbers.

An area of concern however is Twickenham Marble Hill.

Here there has been a case rise of 250% compared to last week.

The rise has been from two cases to seven - still small overall but it is very important everyone keeps following the rules in the area.

Deaths in Richmond Borough are down 60% compared to last week and hospitalisations have also halved.

The numbers are all moving in the right direction as schools set to open on Monday

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